Automated Billing

For properties that have long term residents and memberships, RezExpert’s Periodic Billing engine allows for managers to quickly process through charges.

RezExpert has a powerful automated billing feature. Unlimited amounts of recurring billing policies can be set up e.g. weekly rent, maintenance charges, Monthly to Yearly membership dues.

All different Rental/Membership amounts, and frequencies can be easily created per Resident, Member or Guest. Billing charges can be sent to the Resident’s Guest Folio or their Accounts Receivable account. Membership fees sent to Accounts Receivable also give the members the option to access their account via the Online Booking page. This page also provides Online Payment options.

Long Term Residents are provided Periodic Statements and Receipts, these state the exact Charge to and Paid to dates ensuring the guest knows exactly where their rent is paid to.

For Managers, the Periodic Billing panel displays all the billing policies with their active dates.

Also available is the Long-Term Guest List report. This shows vital information on each policy such as rental value, Charge to Date, Paid to Date, Last Payment dates and also their current guest balance.

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